“The plants listed here are available seasonally throughout the year. They are not all available all the time.”

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Boston Ivy
Carolina Jessamine, Yellow
Cotoneaster Dam Coral Beauty
Creeping Fig
Creeping Fig, Cone
Creeping Fig, Variegated
Cross Vine, Tangerine Beauty
Fatshedera, Angyo Star
Honeysuckle Vine, Alabama Crimson
Honeysuckle, Goldflame
Honeysuckle, Hall’s
Honeysuckle, Lonicera Jap Purpurea
Honeysuckle, Major Wheeler Red
Honeysuckle, Purple Leaf
Honeysuckle, Red
Honeysuckle, Trumpet
Honeysuckle, Yellowe

Jasmine, Asiatic
Jasmine, Asiatic Angyo Bronze
Jasmine, Asiatic Ogon Nishiki
Jasmine, Asiatic Sno Cap
Jasmine, Asiatic Snow N Summer
Jasmine, Asiatic Summer Sunset
Jasmine, Asiatic Tri Color
Jasmine, Asiatic Varigated
Jasmine, Confederate
Jasmine, Confederate Variegated
Jasmine, Dwarf Bronze Beauty
Kadsura Vine
Wisteria, Amethyst Falls
Wisteria, Chinese Summer
Wisteria, FL Rosea
Wisteria, Purple
Wisteria, White