“The plants listed here are available seasonally throughout the year. They are not all available all the time.”

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Apple, Anna
Apple, Dorset Golden*
Apple, Ein Shemer
Apple, Gala
Apple, Granny Smith
Apple, Honey Crisp
Apple, Red Delicious
Apple, Yellow Delicious
Avocado, Lila
Avocado, Stewart
Blackberry, Apache
Blackberry, Apache Thornless
Blackberry, Arapaho
Blackberry, Natchez
Blackberry, Navajo
Blackberry, Osage
Blackberry, Ouchita
Blackberry, Thornless Osage
Blueberry, Alapaha
Blueberry, Austin
Blueberry, Becki Blue
Blueberry, Blueberry Glaze
Blueberry, Brightwell
Blueberry, Jellybean
Blueberry, Ochlocknee
Blueberry, Peach Sorbet
Blueberry, Pink Lemonade
Blueberry, Powder Blue
Blueberry, Premier
Blueberry, Prince
Blueberry, Tiftblue
Blueberry, Woodard
Bluebery, Pink Popcorn
Centennial Hop Vine
Chestnut, Centennial
Chestnut, Chinese
Chestnut, Colossal
Crabapple, Fruiting Sugar Tyme
Fig, Black Mission
Fig, Brown Turkey
Fig, White Marseilles
Grape, Black Spanish
Grape, Black Spanish Ladder
Grape, Blanc Du Bois
Grape, Concord
Grape, Mars (Self Pollinating)
Grape, Niagra
Mayhaw, Native
Muscadine, Alachua Black Male
Muscadine, Carlos (Male)
Muscadine, Cowart Male
Muscadine, Dixie Male
Muscadine, Frye Female
Muscadine, Granny Val (Male)
Muscadine, Jumbo Black Female

Muscadine, Nesbitt Black Male
Muscadine, Scuppernong Female
Muscadine, Seedless Razz Matazz
Muscadine, Southland Male
Muscadine, Summit Female
Muscadine, Triumph Male
Muscadine, Vitis Male
Nectarine, Sun Dollar
Olive, Fruiting Arbequina
Olive, Fruiting Mission
Paw Paw TreePeach, Belle of Georgia
Peach, Bonfire Patio
Peach, Elberta
Peach, Elberta Early
Peach, Flordabelle
Peach, Florida Crest Floridacrest
Peach, Florida Gold
Peach, Florida Home
Peach, Florida King
Peach, Floridahome
Peach, La Feliciana*
Peach, La Festival
Peach, Sam Houston
Pear, Bartlett
Pear, Floridahome
Pear, Hood
Pear, Kieffer
Pear, Orient
Pear, Pineapple
Pear, Shinseiki
Pecan, Cape Fear
Pecan, Desirable
Pecan, Desirable
Pecan, Elliott
Pecan, Stuart
Pecan, Sumner
Persimmon, Fuyugaki
Plum, Bruce
Plum, Fruiting Cherry
Plum, Fruiting Rubrum
Plum, Gold
Plum, Methley
Plum, Santa Rosa
Pomegranate, Afganski
Pomegranate, Russian Hardy
Pomegranate, Wonderful
Raspberry, Dorman Red
Raspberry, Fall Gold
Raspberry, Heritage
Raspberry, Shortcake
Rubus, Raspberry Shortcake
Wonderful Pomegranate