“The plants listed here are available seasonally throughout the year. They are not all available all the time.”

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African Violet
Air Plant, Asst.
Air Plant, Xerographica
Alocasia, African Mask
Amorphophallus Voodoo Lily
Amorphophallus Voodoo Lily Devils Tongue
Angel Vine
Anthurium, Birdnest
Aralia, Bush Fabian
Aralia, Ming
Aralia, Ming
Aralia, Snowflake
Arboricola Bush, Green
Arrowhead Plant
Arrowhead Plant, Allusion
Arrowhead Plant, Pink
Arrowhead Plant, Totem
Arrowhead Plant, White Butterfly
Azalea, Floral
Bamboo, Lucky
Banana Leg
Bat Plant
Begonia, Flowering Reiger
Begonia, Reiger
Begonia, Rex
Begonia, Rex Vine
Begonia, Rhizo
Begonia, Rieger
Begonia, Rieger Red
Begonia, Strawberry
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise, White
Bromeliad Garden in Marble Pot
Bromeliad in Chocolate Pot
Bromeliad Red Variegated
Bromeliad, Ardie
Bromeliad, Cynea
Bromeliad, Flaming Sword
Bromeliad, Guzmania
Bromeliad, Queen’s Tears
Cactus, Ric Rac
Calathea, White Fusion Prayer Plant
Carssula, String of Buttons
Chestnut Vine
Chestnut Vine Tetrastigma
China Doll
Chinese Evergreen
Chinese Evergreen, BJ Freeman
Chinese Evergreen, Calypso
Chinese Evergreen, Cecilla
Chinese Evergreen, Creta
Chinese Evergreen, Creta Aglaonema
Chinese Evergreen, Etta Rose
Chinese Evergreen, Gemini
Chinese Evergreen, Gold Bay
Chinese Evergreen, Hybrid
Chinese Evergreen, Key Largo
Chinese Evergreen, Osaka
Chinese Evergreen, Osaka
Chinese Evergreen, Pink/Red
Chinese Evergreen, Red
Chinese Evergreen, Romeo
Chinese Evergreen, Ruby Red
Chinese Evergreen, Shades
Chinese Evergreen, Silver Queen
Chinese Evergreen, Sparkling Sarah
Chinese Evergreen, Sterling
Chinese Evergreen, Tropic Passion
Chinese Evergreen, Valentine
Chinese Evergreen,Crystal Bay
Chinese, Evergreen Juliette
Clivia, Belgium Hybrid Yellow
Cloche Terrarium
Coffee Plant
Columnia, Birds in Flight
Corn Plant
Corn Plant 3-2-1
Corn Plant, Variegated
Creeping Fig, Variegated
Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns, Thornless
Cryptanthus, Asst.
Desert Rose
Devil’s Backbone, Variegated
Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow
Dieffenbachia, Assorted
Dieffenbachia, Camoflauge
Dieffenbachia, Mary
Dieffenbachia, Sparkles
Dieffenbachia, Tropic Marianne
Dieffenbachia, Tropic Snow
Dracaena, Anita
Dracaena, Anita Bush
Dracaena, Dragon Dorado
Dracaena, Dragon Jade Jewel
Dracaena, Dragon Lemon Surprise
Dracaena, Lemon Lime
Dracaena, Limelight
Dracaena, Magenta
Dracaena, Tree Form Tarzan
Dracaena, Variegated
Dracaena, Warneckii
Draceana, Lemon Lime
Draceana, Limelight
Draceana, Mass Cane
Draceana, Red
Dracena, Anita
Dracena, Braided
Dracena, Janet Craig Compact 2-1
Dracena, Janet Craig Compacta 4-3-2-1
Dracena, Lemon Lime 2-1
Dracena, Limelight
Dracena, Marginata 4-3-2-1
Dracena, Spike
Eugenia, Cone
Fern, Assorted Selaginella
Fern, Selaginella
Ficus Tree
Ficus Wintergreen
Ficus, Alli
Ficus, Altissima Yellow Gem
Ficus, Benjamina Braid
Ficus, Bush
Ficus, Bush
Ficus, Gold Gem
Ficus, Jacqueline
Ficus, Neon Bush
Ficus, Starlight Bush
Ficus, Tree
Ficus, Wintergreen
Fiddleleaf Fig
Fig, Oakleaf
Fittonia, Red & White
Goldfish Plant
Goldfish Plant, Columnea
Guzmania, Bromeliad
Guzmania, Bromeliad Clay Pot
Hawaiian Ti, Xerox
Heather Plant
Heather Plant
Helxine, Baby Tears
Homalomena Emerald Gem
Hoya Hanging Basket
Hoya, Compacta
Hoya, Compacta
Hoya, Heart Leaf
Hoya, Hindu Rope
Hoya, Mini Bell
Hoya, Scented
Hydrangea, Floral
Ivy, Algerian
Ivy, Algerian Lemon
Ivy, Algerian Neon
Ivy, Algerian Variegated
Ivy, Baltic
Ivy, English Green
Ivy, English Variegated White
Ivy, English Variegated Yellow

Ivy, Green
Ivy, Kolibra
Ivy, Lemon Algerian
Ivy, Sweetheart
Ivy, Teardrop
Ivy, Teardrop
Ivy, Variegated
Ivy, Yellow Ripple
Jack In The Beanstalk Plant
Jack In The Beanstalk Plant
Janet Craig Dracena
Jew, Rainbow Plant
Kitchen Window Houseplant
Kokodema String Garden
Kokodema String Garden
Lambs Tail
Lily, Easter
Lipstick Plant, Mona Lisa
Mandarin Plant, Orange
Medinilla Magnifica
Medinilla Magnifica
Money Tree, Braid
Moss Purse
Mother In Law Tongue, Black Coral
Mother In Law Tongue, Black Gold
Mother In Law Tongue, Cylindrica
Mother In Law Tongue, Laurentii Superba
Mother In Law Tongue, Sanseveria
Mother In Law Tongue, Silver
Mother In Law Tongue, Silver Queen
Mother In Law Tongue, Zeylanica
Natal Mahogany
Neoregelia Cotton Candy Bromeliad
Nepenthes Pitcher Plant
Nong Noch Vine
Norfolk Island Pine
Orchid, Nun’s
Orchid, Phalaenopsis
Orchid, Prem. in Eco Pot
Orchid, Venus Slipper
Orchid, White
Oyster Plant
Palm, Areca
Palm, Bamboo
Palm, Cat
Palm, Chinese Fan
Palm, Date Pygmy
Palm, Fishtail
Palm, Foxtail
Palm, Gold Coconut
Palm, Majesty
Palm, Majesty
Palm, Majesty Multis
Palm, Metallica
Palm, Neanthe Belle
Palm, Ponytail
Palm, Ponytail Guatemalian
Palm, Queen – Not Cold Hardy
Palm, Spindle
Pandanus, Variegated
Peace Lily
Peace Lily, Disco Variegated
Peace Lily, High Five
Peace Lily, Sensation
Peperomia, Happy Bean
Peperomia, Long Leaf
Peperomia, Prostrata
Peperomia, Red Stem
Peperomia, Ripple Purple
Peperomia, Watermelon Large Leaf
Peperomia, Watermelon Small Leaf
Philodendron, Autumn
Philodendron, Bipinnafolia
Philodendron, Black Cardinal
Philodendron, Brazil
Philodendron, Brazilian
Philodendron, Cordatum Lemon Lime
Philodendron, Micans
Philodendron, Mix
Philodendron, Monstera Standleyana
Philodendron, Moonlight
Philodendron, Moonlight
Philodendron, Neon
Philodendron, Panda Pole
Philodendron, Pink Princess
Philodendron, Reindeer Panda Pole
Philodendron, Selloum Hope
Philodendron, Selloum Split Leaf
Philodendron, Silver Satin
Philodendron, Split Leaf
Philodendron, Split Leaf
Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plant
Philodendron, Xanadu
Pilea Friendship
Pilea, Aluminum
Pilea, Baby Tears
Pilea, Creeping Silver Red Stem
Pilea, Moon Valley Upright
Pineapple, Edible Fruiting
Pothos N’ Joy
Pothos, Golden
Pothos, Green
Pothos, Jade
Pothos, Limelight
Pothos, Marble Queen
Pothos, Neon
Pothos, Pearls & Jade
Prayer Plant, Corona
Prayer Plant, Dottie
Prayer Plant, Freddie
Prayer Plant, Medallion
Prayer Plant, Medallion
Prayer Plant, Orbifolia
Prayer Plant, Ornata Pinstripe
Prayer Plant, Rainbow
Prayer Plant, Rattlesnake
Prayer Plant, Rattlesnake
Prayer Plant, Rose Painted
Prayer Plant, Round Leaf
Prayer Plant, Round Leaf
Prayer Plant, White Fusion
Prayer Plant, Zebra
Princess Pine
Purple Heart Jew Basket
Purple Passion
Rangoon Creeper
Rose, Floral Mini
Rubber Plant
Sanseveria Cylindrica Braid
Sanseveria, Cylindrica
Sanseveria, Fernwood
Sanseveria, Spaghetti Bowl
Sanseveria, Starfish
Sanseveria, Starfish
Schefflera, Amate
Schefflera, Arboricola
Schefflera, Big Leaf
Schefflera, Bush
Schefflera, Gold
Schefflera, Gold Braid
Schefflera, Gold Finger
Schefflera, Green
Schefflera, Small Leaf
Schefflera, Variegated
Scindapsis, Silver Ann
Selaginella, Club Moss Gold
Selaginella, Kraussiana Aurea
Spider Plant
Spider Plant, Chrlorophytum
Spider Plant, Variegated
Spikemoss, Gold
Spikemoss, Krauss Gold Tips
Spikemoss, Ruby Red
Split Leaf Philodendron
Stonecrop, Asst.
String of Hearts
String of Pearls
Stromanthe, Triostar Ginger
Tacca, Bat Plant
Tall Cannister Jar
Tall Mason Jar Cannister
Tapioca, Variegated
TC Olive Tree Washpot
Tillandsia, Sandy Clay Pot
Tulip Pot
Venus Flytrap
Yucca Cane 3 2 1
Zebra Plant
ZZ Plant