“The plants listed here are available seasonally throughout the year. They are not all available all the time.”

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Allamanda, Vine Brown Bud
Aloysia Almond Bush
Bauhinia, Hong Kong
Bauhinia, Purpurea
Bird of Paradise
Bleeding Heart Vine
Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower
Bougainvillea, Blueberry Ice
Bougainvillea, Bush
Bougainvillea, Gold Trellis
Bougainvillea, Patio Tree
Bougainvillea, Patio Tree Purple
Bougainvillea, Trellis Thai Delight
Butterfly Flower, Blue
Cape Honeysuckle, Orange
Cape Honeysuckle, Yellow
Chinese Hat, Yellow
Clerodendron, Blue Butterfly Plant
Copper Plant, Fire Dragon
Cordyline, Exotica
Cordyline, Kiwi
Cordyline, Singapore
Croton, Chinese Jungle Fire
Croton, Fantasy
Croton, Gold Dust
Croton, Mamey
Croton, Oak Leaf
Croton, Petra
Croton, Pink Leaf
Croton, Standard
Croton, Sunburst
Croton, Zanzibar
Datura, White Angel Trumpet
Dipladenia, Bush Pink
Dipladenia, Coral
Dipladenia, Pink
Dipladenia, Red
Dipladenia, Red Bush
Dipladenia, Stars and Stripes
Dipladenia, White
Duranta, Sapphire Showers
Dutchman Pipe Vine
Dutchmans Pipe
Esperanza Bells of Fire
Esperanza, Lydia Yellow
Esperanza, Sparklette
Esperanza, Tecoma Yellow
Esperanza, Yellow Bells
Firebush, Dwarf
Firebush, Hamelia Patens
Firebush, Lime Sizzler
Firecracker Plant
Firecracker Plant, Yellow
Hibiscus, Bold Idea
Hibiscus, Cajun Mix
Hibiscus, Cajun Sunrise
Hibiscus, Canjun Mix
Hibiscus, Court Royale
Hibiscus, Dixieland Delight
Hibiscus, Eye of Kali
Hibiscus, Queen of Dreams
Hibiscus, Smokey Mountain
Hibiscus, Swamp Cloud

Hibiscus, Sweet Cheeks
Hibiscus, Tree
Hibiscus, Tropical Big Bang
Hibiscus, Tropical Canary Yellow
Hibiscus, Tropical Cherie
Hibiscus, Tropical Cherry Appaloosa
Hibiscus, Tropical Crawfish Pie
Hibiscus, Tropical Double Peach
Hibiscus, Tropical Dwarf
Hibiscus, Tropical Eye of Kali
Hibiscus, Tropical Fiesta
Hibiscus, Tropical Fifth Dimension
Hibiscus, Tropical Moondance
Hibiscus, Tropical Painted Lady
Hibiscus, Tropical Peppermint Parasol
Hibiscus, Tropical Pink
Hibiscus, Tropical Pink Lemonade
Hibiscus, Tropical Red
Hibiscus, Tropical Red Hot
Hibiscus, Tropical Rum Rascal
Hibiscus, Tropical Rumrunner
Hibiscus, Tropical Space Oddity
Hibiscus, Tropical Standard
Hibiscus, Tropical Standard
Hibiscus, Tropical Tequila Yellow
Hibiscus, Tropical White Wing
Hibiscus, Tropical Yellow
Hibiscus, Tropical Yoder
Hibiscus, Tropical Yoder
Ixora Maui, Red
Lantana, Irene Patio Tree
Lyrata, Tree
Mandevilla, Asst. Red/White
Mandevilla, Crimson Sun Parasols
Mandevilla, Pink
Mandevilla, Red Crimson Giant
Mandevilla, Tango Twirl
Mandevilla, White
Mandevilla, Yellow
Mexican Petunia, Ruellia Braided
Passion Vine, Blue
Passion Vine, Blue
Passion Vine, Crimson
Passion Vine, Purple
Passion Vine, Red
Plumbago, Blue
Plumbago, White
Poor Man’s Orchid
Shrimp Plant
Shrimp Plant, Asst.
Shrimp Plant, Fruit Cocktail
Shrimp Plant, Justicia Pink
Shrimp Plant, Red
Shrimp Plant, Yellow
Shrimp Tree, Braided
Sky Vine, Blue
Snow Bush
Snow on the Mountain Snowbush
Swallowtail Plant
Tecoma, Lydia Esperanza
Tecoma, Yellow Bells
Tibouchina, Dwarf
Tropical Vine with Hoop
Tropical, Asst.
Wedding Flower Vine
Yesterday Today & Tomorrow Plant